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General Information

County Release and Athlete's Release Form:

ATRA / NCVA 2009 download it now as a Adobe Acrobat 5.0 pdf file

Anyone who uses the velodrome even once, must fill out this form once every calendar year that they use the velodrome.

This two sided form is now available here and as it always has been at the velodrome. This is the form that you are asked and must fill out at the beginning of every year or your first time at the velodrome for the current year. I have made it available here as a convenience so you can download it, print it and fill out "both sides" and bring it with you to your first day at the velo.

Velodrome Safety Guidelines

  1. Use the poll lane for efforts or group warm-up only.
  2. Use the rail for only for efforts. Do not hang on the rail or use the rail for recovery. Get on and off the rail quickly when entering exiting the track.
  3. Use the center of the track or stayers line for warm-up or short cool downs. If the cool down is more than 2-3 laps ride the apron.
  4. The motor always has priority over riders. A signal of several horn taps indicates the motor will drop and start on effort on the current lap. When possible drop to the apron.

You may contact the velo at 408 226-9716.

There is a fee to ride the velodrome each day you use it. This pays for the insurance the county requires in order to keep it open.

You need to pay the parking fee each day you drive your car into Hellyer County Park, or pay a per year County parking permit (this parking permit will allow you into all other County Parks that charge an entrance fee). The only other option is to park your car outside Hellyer Park and walk or ride in.

Rain cancels all track sessions.

All open training sessions are open to all riders. The supervisor at any training session has the responsibility to make sure that the session is held in a safe manner, and that all riders in any given session can ride on the track together safely. In addition the scheduled session for any time frame has precedent over any unscheduled session.

*Note the calendar is subject to change*

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