Mission Statement

Through the building up of the WATCHMAN in unity of spirit, faith and love (A core message of faith to the church since it's beginning) will the Holy Spirit work this message out of our hearts and to our generation, as GOD has directed. Thereby, drawing GOD's appointed to their time of decision and increasing GOD's kingdom.

Believing we are living nearer to the end times, than ever before. The urgency of this message is timely and vital. That by the steps of obedience that this plan, GOD's plan, will not fail but be raised up as a mighty arm of salvation, freedom, deliverance to the needy and broken hearted. Bringing assurance, comfort, peace and love to all who hear the righteous cry of the WATCHMAN.

We understand that unity and spiritual gifts are vital to the carrying out of our task. We rely on the evidence and power of the Holy Spirit in the world today, as on the day of Pentecost. We hold fast to the working of the Holy Spirit through the gifts bestowed upon man by GOD.

1. WATCHMAN Mission Statement.

As in the spirit of EZEKIEL, the appointed WATCHMAN, we too have accepted the assignment of warning this generation (our people) of the pending judgement of GOD. That the judgement is inevitable and inescapable, but the outcome falls to the discretion of the hearer through choice. So then, we offer to the hearer life and death, and we say, choose life!

2. WATCHMAN's Statement of Faith.

THE WATCHMAN is fully persuaded that everything in, and of, and about the WATCHMAN has been given from the very heart and mind of GOD, through the spirit, to the WATCHMAN. That every step of the process, the concept, context to creation of our mission, vision and scope are as a result of GOD pouring into man's heart, HIS purpose for the glorification of HIS work in the earth to bring men to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and enlarging GOD's Heavenly Kingdom.

The WATCHMAN understand, the only way this mission will be accomplished is by a faithful and obedient heart submitted to the will of the Father so as to serve in all knowledge and understanding to the fulfillment of HIS good purpose.

CEO of the WATCHMAN - Robert Crenshaw • CPBEO - Rabbi Alan

Fresno, California
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