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Pop's 28a Pop's 28 (Andy's 28) - Restored 1928 Chevy Pickup
Embroidery work done for Badlands Customs of Fresno, Ca.

Actual Size:
Pop's 28 - 341.2 mm W x 76.4 mm H, 26,966 Stitches
6 x 5 Dice - 121.7 mm W x 135.0 mm H, 16,850 Stitches
5 x 2 Dice - 121.7 mm W x 135.0 mm H, 15,793 Stitches

Total Stitch Count: 59,609

Location: Seat Backs Left and Right, Along with back board above seat (embroidery on seat materal then installed by Badlands Customs).

Pop's 28 Pop's 28 Pop's 28

Santo Antonio, Saint Anthony Santo António, Saint Anthony
Festa de Santo António – Hanford, Ca.

Actual Size: 175.2 mm W x 167.6 mm H

Stitch Count: 32,610

Location: Front center on Aprons

Crown School Bus Crown School Bus
Jackets for School District in Southern California

Actual Size: 274.0 mm W x 216.2 mm H

Stitch Count: 85,468

10 Colors used, and 50 Color Changes

Location: Jacket Back



N4349A Piper
Personal Embroidery for
Ex-Pilot of N4349A - Santa Clara, California

Actual Size: 100.8 mm W x 44.2 mm H

Stitch Count: 7,160

9 Colors used, and 22 Color Changes

Location: Front Left on Polo Shirt

(digitized from photograph)

Naval Air Station Lemoore, Ca.

Actual Size: 65.4 mm W x 62.1 mm H

Stitch Count: 7,243 - (8 shades of gray plus white and black)

Location: Front center on Cumber Buns

Duo Liha - Vem Amar Tua Ilha
San Jose, Ca.

Actual Size: 63.4 mm W x 84.9 mm H

Stitch Count: 6,909

Location: Left Chest - Polo Shirt

Portugal Shield - used on banner
Fresno, Ca.

Actual Size: 129.0 mm W x 135.9 mm H

Stitch Count: 38,185

Location: Used on Banner

Texas Honey Hams
Clovis, Ca.

Actual Size: 76.2 mm W x 80.2 mm H

Stitch Count: 8,134

Location: Center Top - Aprons

Capital C for Saint Patrick's Prayer on top of canopy used by client in church ceremony
Fresno, Ca.

Actual Size: 136.8 mm W x 151.2 mm H

Stitch Count: 31,862
(Stich Count for C and all the text: 300,359)
(Sttch Count for the entire project 779,775 - Actual Size 10 feet x 10 feet)

North Valley Fusion - Youth Soccer Team
San Jose, Ca.

Actual Size: 82.5 mm W x 93.2 mm H

Stitch Count: 10,702

Location: Left Chest - T-shirt

San Jose Joint Library Project Team - Gilbane Construction
San Jose, Ca.
(Library was built for San Jose State University)

Actual Size: 201.1 mm W x 257.6 mm H

Stitch Count: 19,658

Location: Jacket Back

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