45th Annual Mt. Hamilton Challenge and Ascent Bicycle Tours

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The 2017 Mt. Hamilton Challenge is Canceled
Due to Road Conditions / Repairs from our Winter Storms

April 29, 2017

The Mt. Hamilton Challenge will be back for 2018!

Check back in March 2018!

Sponsored by:
The Pedalera Bicycle Club
Proceeds benefit the
Livestrong Foundation

Major Features of These Tours

  • Riders must provide their own food, and start the Tour from Adrian Wilcox High School
    The tour organizers will transport your food to the rest stops.
  • The Mt. Hamilton Tours are designed for experienced cyclists. The beginning century rider is urged to wait a year.
  • All Tour cyclists must obey "ALL CALIFORNIA RULES OF THE ROAD"

The Challenge Tour is a strenuous tour for the experienced cyclist with hill climbing ability. There are four distinct challenges: The 4000 ft. climb to the top of Mt. Hamilton, the 1000 ft. climb of Eylar Ridge on the "back side" before the run to Livermore, the 1000 ft. climb past Calaveras Reservoir, and finally the real test - the finishing 10 miles - usually into the teeth of a 20 mph gale! The distance is about 125 miles; total climbing is over 8000 ft.

The Ascent Tour is the hill climbing tour for those with limited time or less experience or stamina. (Wise Challenge riders who find that they have overtaxed their endurance change their plans at the top and complete the Ascent.) With its ride to the top of Mt. Hamilton, descent of the front side and pull back against the headwind, this 70 mile ride is easily the equal to any "flatland" century.

Start / Finish Location & Time: Adrian Wilcox High School at 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara will be the tour headquarters and start/finish. It is located just south of US 101 and Central Expressway between Lawrence Expressway and Bowers Ave. See the map below for directions. Headquarters will open at 6:00 A.M. Last allowable start is 8:00 A.M.

Riders Bring Food: Bring the food you will need securely packaged in separate packages for the three different rest stops, each marked with your name. At the start you will put your food packages into the appropriate delivery bags. The food will be delivered to the rest stops. Water and drinks at each stop will also be provided.

Tour Rules

  1. Riders must provide their own food, and start the Tour from Adrian Wilcox High School.
  2. Riders must carry a spare tube, tubular or tire repair kit, pump, water bottle, at least $3.00 and a medical plan card, if applicable. Helmets are mandatory, conforming to: ANSI, ASTM, Snell, Canadian Standards, U.S. CPSC, U.S. DOT, or European Committee standards.
  3. Bikes must have front and rear brakes, a freewheel and plugged bar ends. Bikes must pass a stiff safety inspection, including the condition of cables, brake blocks, tire tread, brake adjustment, and handlebar and seatpost fixing bolts. Repair facilities may be available to assist riders who encounter mechanical problems at the ride start.
  4. The applications of riders under the age of 18 must be signed by parent or guardian. Minors must also bring with them the medical authorization and consent form, completed and signed. Don't mail it - bring it with you and carry it on the ride.
  5. Riders must obey when ordered to retire by a SAG driver, after they have fallen behind the posted check-point schedule. Riding is limited to daylight hours. Riders must notify tour headquarters if they abandon the ride and check in when they finish the ride. We keep track of every rider.
  6. No private SAGs are allowed.
  7. Riders shall comply with applicable and current laws of the State of California. Riders who must run lights and block traffic unnecessarily should stay at home.

This is not a race and no record of times is kept. No prizes for speed. Relax and enjoy the wildflowers!

Finding “Adrian Wilcox High School” in Santa Clara: The map locates Adrian Wilcox High School. at 3250 Monroe St. in Santa Clara, just south of Central Expressway between Lawrence Expressway and Bowers Ave. It is the start/finish, and will be tour headquarters for the entire day of the ride. Parking is available in the school parking lot. In driving to the area on Bayshore (US 101), take the Lawrence Expressway exit south to Monroe Street and turn left to the east. Wilcox HS will be on your right after a half of a mile.

Times: Headquarters will open at 6:00 A.M. The last allowable Ascent and Challenge start is 8:00 A.M. Checkpoint #1, Lick Observatory on top of Mt. Hamilton, will not open until 8:30 A.M. Ascent riders may not start their return descent from CP#1 before 11:00 A.M, and must leave there by 2:00 P.M. Challenge riders must leave CP#1 by 11:30 A.M, must leave CP#2 (Arroyo Mocho) by 2:30 P.M, and must leave CP#3 (Pleasanton) by 4:30 P.M. The last allowable finish is 7:30 P.M. Riding is limited to daylight hours. Please check in when you finish, or notify us if you abandon the ride; we keep track of every rider.

Riders Bring Food: Here's how it works: Bring your food bags to the start (3 for the Challenge, 1 for the Ascent) marked with your name. At the start put your food packages into the plastic shipping bags marked for Mt. Hamilton, Arroyo Mocho, and Pleasanton. Each destination will have several numbered bags - note the numbers of your bags for easy recovery at the rest stops. The food, plus water and drinks, will be delivered to the rest stops before your arrival.

Additional Support: SAG wagons, first aid units, and radio communication vehicles will be stationed around the course. All will carry water. If you have a problem, stop at the first support vehicle you encounter or tell a fellow rider to convey the message. If the people in the first vehicle contacted can't help you they will find someone who can.

No Private SAGs: Each car on the miles of narrow winding roads with many blind curves is an aggravation to cyclists, and cyclists are a frustration to drivers. If you feel you must be supported by a private SAG, you are not ready for Mt. Hamilton!

If you have questions about the 2017 tour
please contact Don Worn at:
e-mail: donworn@hotmail.com
Phone: 408.354.2944

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